Five simple tools all PC owners need

Having a desktop computer built is merely the first step of being a PC owner. As you use it, it will be prone to various complications that will inevitably come but can be prevented through regular maintenance. You need at least the following tools as a PC owner so you can keep your device running in peak performance:

Cable organizer

Cable management is the first factor a veteran PC builder looks at an owner’s setup. Proper management can prolong your desktop’s service life as it helps avoid accidents from entanglement as well as wear and tear. It also makes it easier to perform regular maintenance with tidy wiring as you can easily track which plug goes to which socket. 

Sharent has seen many types of cable organisers from spiral wraps to fastening straps. Either way is good and it’s all up to whichever you think is more convenient. Others use cheap fastening bands that you have to cut to loosen so they’re cheap and easy to find. Just take a gander over the closest stationery.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

Regular cleaning becomes one of your most important chores as a PC owner as it can easily accumulate dust which can cause malfunctions between pieces of hardware. You can use a soft brush but a handheld vacuum cleaner is a lot more convenient. Power really isn’t necessary but stronger is always better as some dust can accumulate in tight spaces. A handheld vacuum cleaner is preferable to regular ones because big dirtbags are difficult to rummage in case it sucks in a valuable piece of the computer. 

Precision screwdriver set

It’s going to be hard work but you will often need to open your case. This is done during regular cleaning, troubleshooting, and attempts at replacing hardware pieces. You will find yourself using the cross slot and slotted screwdrivers in most cases but the more vital hardware uses other types. Just remember to place the screws on a safe container and put them back as they were when you are done inspecting your computer.

Thumbstick drive with at least 16GB storage

The thumbstick drive, in this case, is not used for transferring files but for storing booting programs for your bios and operating system. This is an important alternative to save your PC from a failed operating system update. You just need to set it up using a program dedicated to the operating system you are using as methods can vary greatly between brands.

Speaker or headset

If you are only using your desktop for writing or graphic design, then it’s easy to overlook the fact that it doesn’t have an audio device. You only ever really need a standard speaker set to enjoy watching any shows but a great headset can give you the best experience. Headsets with a microphone are also suggested so you can use it as a two-way communication device. This is a valuable piece of equipment for working remotely or when playing games online. 

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