Steps in building your dream home

The opportunity and privilege to create your dream home is a chance you must not pass up on. Creating a space that suits you and your preferences is ideal for productivity and overall leisure. 

What’s great about creating a dream home yourself is that it doesn’t require you to be a pro to design the perfect one. Regardless, there are dozens of amazing furniture shops like sharent that help when decorating the ideal space. With their amazing home products, you can never go wrong shopping there.

Creating your dream home might be an intimidating process to start but with these steps, you will be guided into building your ideal and dream home. 


Create a budget

Creating a budget is the first step in creating your dream space. It is essential to do this because home design expenses add up quickly without you even noticing. Budgeting could be tough because you have to make hard decisions on which items get to stay on your desired list of pieces. 

When budgeting, here are the main things to expect to pay for:

  • Architect fees
  • Building permit fees
  • Site work
  • Interior and exteriors
  • Plumbing and electric 

Expect some mishaps during the building process. It is best to set some money aside for these unpredictable and unexpected problems. 


Write a brief for your architect

Write up a brief to explain what your visions are for the house. It will help your architect visualise and create the perfect space for you. Include everything and don’t leave out details. This includes your lifestyle, aesthetics, requirements, and images. 

By doing so, everything about your home would feel personalised and perfect. There are times when the architects themselves would send you a questionnaire where you could list everything you need and want for the house. 


Personalise a floor plan

Creating a floor plan is an extra step you can do to make your home more personalised and to your liking. You can either draw or use a 3D design platform for this. 

When drawing a floor plan, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a great sketch but one that will help your architect visualise your needs and wants with the space. Be hands-on with it and place notes and details you don’t want them to miss out on. Although you can be imprecise with it as you can explain in detail yourself with the sketch in hand. 

A more modern approach is to create the floor plan with software. With more accurate measurements, your architect will easily understand your vision. Drop some pre-made 3D models of your desired furniture and other pieces to complete your home. Though it requires some skill and time to create, this would be the best way to go about it. 


Shop for interiors that scream you

Finally, the most important thing in creating your space is shopping for the right interior pieces that fit you. Instead of hiring an interior designer, you can do it yourself easily especially when your vision and imagination are strong.

Furniture shops like sharent make picking out home pieces easy with the shop’s wide range of items available. Choose between furniture, appliances and even technology that will create a fun and exciting space fitted for you.

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